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Welcome to Vivid Promotions by Matt Hellier; if you are a marketing manager or business owner you have come to the right place

Vivid Promotions is very simply a consultancy service which can advise people like you on what the next marketing step should be.


I cannot tell you how to run your business, nor how to be successful in your industry, but if it's a campaign, event, website or promotion I can create distinct, memorable marketing that will allow your business to stand out amongst the crowd.


about me.......

I'm Matthew Hellier and I'm a Business Guru Entrepreneur Money Expert Man with Ideas✓

For around 4 years I have been involved with a number of successful charities, organizations and businesses. As said above, I do not claim to be anything more than one of those people whom ideas come to naturally; what the difference is with me, is I know how to make them work!

In 2009 myself and three friends became the first crew of four to row unaided across the Indian Ocean, from Oz to Mauritius. In order to complete the journey we had to raise over £85,000. Before this time I had no experience in marketing, web or graphic design, however very quickly, I realized that not only did I enjoy this type of work, but I was in fact very good at it.

At this time I took a trial and error approach to marketing, I did of course benefit from using our charity status (marketing is much easier when you have a charity involved) The same could be said for website design; I had no experience creating websites, but after 2 months solitude in front of my laptop I was able to create a functional race website

Since then I have simply continued to do what I know best, which ever industry, marketing is nearly always the same, or at least the same principles apply; make it:

# strong - great physical presence
# distinct - unquestionably exceptional
# striking - arresting ones attention
# lucid - easily understood
# memorable - creating a lasting impression
# clear - pure; without defect


Either write something worth reading; or do something worth writing about.


Marketing has no secret formula, it is simply telling the public about your product and service in order to get them through the door and drive up revenue, the problem is that everyone is doing it.


With todays internet businesses and social networking making the world much smaller than it has ever been; no longer can any one company hold the monopoly on a product or service, and so marketing is the only way to ensure the majority of people looking for yours come through your door and not Joe Bloggs up the road, or through joebloggs.com


Many business owners make the mistake of believing that in order to get new customers they must offer their service at a discount to undercut this competition, even for just a short time; all too common are the money of vouchers available in the local paper, featuring the tag line "for new customers only".


Firstly, this type of marketing leaves no lasting impression, in fact it only lasts for the life of the voucher before it's either used of thrown away. Secondly by doing this you are saying that your service is only worth that amount, so why should they come back and pay the full figure? And lastly if I were a current client I would be a little upset that my loyalty is obviously going unrewarded


Now if a business is going to take this route of marketing why not change tact; one of my clients is a Hair and Beauty Salon, if they were to advertise in the paper I would advise that they offer a different treatment every week for free, with the tag line "only for current customers"


Now the impression this gives firstly is lasting; it's there every week, readers will start to recognise it, and then gradually look for it. It is not devaluing the service because it is free, which is socially accepted as a gift. Finally it is only available to current customers and so promotes loyalty, but is being flaunted in the eyes of non-customers creating a jealousy effect.



Design is a progression from creativity; its creativity with strategy.

Not everyone appreciates web or graphic design, but times are changing. With the introduction of free web builders many businesses are choosing to take this route, and are starting to see the benefits of experimenting with a different marketing media. Notice I am not afraid or intimidated by the presence of these new web companies; as far as I see it, they are a great way to see if the web could work for a company before spending thousands for a tailored website (not that you should ever pay thousands)

The problem I have with these companies are that they break my second rule of marketing; #distinct one website at the time of writing this advertise that 10,000,000 people use their site builder, and yet, only 112 templates are available to choose from; simple maths means that almost 90,000 of those websites look exactly the same, that's more than the population of the Isle of man!

A website design custom created for your business by me, will include all the elements you see above and will be by definition #Vivid <p><span style=" font-size: 14px; background-color: #ffff00">I create everything you see using code just like this</span></p> and so the website designs I produce cannot be achieved by someone without my expertise, and certainly not with any web builder.

Even with online marketing holding such presence in today's society, there is still room for old fashioned flyers, posters and other printed media. This can in fact still be very effective with certain campaigns and industries. Design has however become more vital with this media, gone are the days of a scribbled money off voucher photocopied to death (unless this is the look your going for)

Printed media must now stimulate the senses in the same way that the web does otherwise, I'm afraid, each one of your 25p flyers are heading straight for the bin (hopefully recycling)

Whether its a website, a leaflet, or a uniform; you should always go through a design process, experiment with different choices, think about the longevity of that design, and always, always follow it through.


Regardless of how good I am, it is ineffective without good clients.

The Retreat Hair Salon was the first corporate sponsor during our Ocean Rowing campaign, they had just begun trading when I approached them for sponsorship. During the course of our challenge I suggested ideas with the owner and soon took over as Marketing Consultant. For them I designed their branding, built their website with an online booking system, and managed numerous promotional events.

Rowing is my primary hobby and so when Bexhill Rowing Club were in need to raise some extra funds for a new facility, I offered my services for a one-off event. In just 3 hours the event raised £10,000, during the fundraising period I also built and managed an event website for them.

Bexhill Hearing Centre are a well-established business with over 30years of trading so far, in today's climate however just like every company should; the centre wanted to change their marketing direction and experiment with new media to keep their approach exciting and up-to-date. They had recently undergone a rebranding but wanted this to be carried through, again following a website build I now continue to act as Marketing Consultant.



Lyndwood Forestry contacted me in 2010; they had been a trading company for some time but wanted to re-establish themselves with a new brand, and approach new advertisement media. Following an initial website build, I have continued to advise them on their marketing direction.

Treat Boutique are a new business looking to enforce their brand from the start. I provided them with bespoke logo design which suited their personality and clothing line. I also manufactured wrapping paper and labels for the clothes.

I am passionate about supporting charities and worthwhile causes, and will happily give my time and expertise free of charge for a worthy cause. In the past I have organise charity events, provided flyers, posters and thrown myself in where ever possible.



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